Ingredients: Sidestreams

Ingredients: Sidestreams

Put shortly, the term sidestream means something that is created as a by-product in the manufacturing process. From a sustainability point of view, you kill two birds with one stone, with reduced waste.


Our poppy seed oil, used as an emollient in our Face Cream, is a 100% UK product, fully traceable and with a sustainable supply chain: the oil is a pharmaceutical byproduct. Our chemist Jaana has actually met the guy living next to the field of poppies from which the oil is harvested by a 5th generation family farm. The oil is obtained by lightly cold pressing the seeds of the White Poppy.

The poppy seed oil is a virgin oil, containing sterols and Vitamin E, and with a high linoleic acid content. Poppy seed oil has excellent skin barrier recovery properties, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin.


The cold pressed and organic raspberry oil we use in our Face Oil is a side stream ingredient from the juice industry. The oil contains a large amount of linoleic and alpha linolenic acids, along with vitamin E. Among its central benefits is its ability to soothe skin and it may also be useful for treating eczema.

Want to learn more sidestream ingredients in ? Our chemist Jaana Ailus wrote an interesting piece about sustainable raw materials in cosmetics - check out Finnish green beauty infleuncer and expert Katja Kokko's page to read it.

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