7 ways to use our re-usable face pads

7 ways to use our re-usable face pads

Did you know that our gentle and extremely soft re-usable face pads can be used to cleanse your face even when you don’t have access to running water? Did you also know that these pads are suitable for every skin type but were specifically designed for sensitive and problem skin? Keep reading to get the most out of your re-usable face pads!

Our large, re-usable face pads are custom made for us in Finland by the employees of Väylä. Väylä is a Finnish non-profit creating paid work opportunities for people with disabilities (we strongly urge you to go and learn more about their fantastic work on their website!). The pads have two sides, supple jersey and smooth terry cloth, which makes them a great option especially for sensitive or easily sensitised skin.

You can use the pads the same way as you would use regular disposable cotton pads – with the difference that you can use these ones over and over and over again. So, here’s your chance to reduce unnecessary waste by simply switching from your disposable cotton pads to these re-usable ones.


Apply our Milk Cleanser straight to a dry face pad and cleanse face by wiping off dry skin (without using any water). Then dampen the pad with water (a little goes a long way) and wipe off excess cleanser.

Massage our Gel Cleanser onto dry skin with your fingers (without using any water). Dampen a face pad with water (again, very little goes a long way) and wipe off the cleanser. You can do a quick rinse with water after to make sure there’s no cleanser left on skin.

The pads can also be used to remove masks or peels – simply wipe masks or peels off skin with a dampened face pad.

Cleansing irritated skin

Rub our Milk Cleanser onto dry skin with clean fingers and gently wipe skin with a dry face pad. Spray some of our Toner Spray on another, clean, dry pad and wipe face to make sure any remaining cleanser is gone.

Finish up your cleansing

Spray some of our Toner Spray on a dry face pad and wipe skin to remove any remaining cleanser and to add hydration to skin.

Waterless cleansing

Going to the cabin, camping or a festival with limited access to running water? Don’t you worry, you don’t have to live with an un-cleansed face! Apply our Milk Cleanser to a dry face pad and wipe down dry skin. Spray some of our Toner Spray on another, clean, dry pad and wipe skin again to remove cleanser remnants.

Cleanse a bit deeper

Use the terry cloth side of our pads to gently exfoliate skin and to give it a deeper cleanse.

Take down puffiness

Dampen the face pads and put them into fridge for 30 minutes in a sealable bag or a box. Place the cool pads gently on top of your eyes to take down any puffiness.

Spot treatment sheet masking - the sustainable way

Soak the pad with our Toner Spray and place it on your face like a sheet mask. This ”re-usable sheet mask” trick is especially amazing for when you have those annoying dry or rough patches on the skin or if you suffer from redness, irritation or POD.

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