Meet vegan cosmetics blogger Rabbit Glow

Meet vegan cosmetics blogger Rabbit Glow

Finnish Eeva runs popular vegan cosmetics blog Rabbit Glow, which shines the light on vegan cosmetics and shares vegan beauty tips with readers. A dedicated vegan and advocate for animals' rights, Eeva is a pioneer in the Finnish vegan beauty blogosphere. We caught up with her to talk vegan cosmetics, product must haves and how an interest in vegan beauty has evolved into a much-loved hobby.

Why did you create the Rabbit Glow blog?

I started the Rabbit Glow blog some years back, to have my own channel for vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. At that time, I had been into vegan cosmetics for a couple of years and was following a lot of international vegan and cruelty-free influencers. It taught me a lot, and I also noticed that Finland lacked comprehensive content media or blogs on vegan cosmetics.

Since then, the blog has become a dear hobby and a job on the side. Through the blog, I stay up to date on new launches and interesting products, but above all I get to network with other likeminded individuals. It’s nice when someone tells me they’ve gotten tips from my content, and it’s also been great to get to know other bloggers and influencers over the years. Of course, the whole idea behind the blog is to shine the light on vegan cosmetics and the different misconceptions and fallacies around it.

Why is veganism in cosmetics important to you?

I’ve been vegan for 10 years now, and as such using vegan cosmetics is a natural part of my lifestyle. I became vegan for ethical, environmental and health reasons, and when my diet started being ok, using vegan cosmetics also felt like a more natural solution. Behind it all is my respect for animals’ rights, and so I don’t want to eat animals or be part of any other form of animal exploitation which can be avoided. As I don’t eat animals, it doesn’t make sense for me to use cosmetics with animal-derived ingredients. I know that many who eat vegan are no that particular about vegan cosmetics, but for me a vegan product is easy to choose and a way to make an impact.

What are you're top 3 vegan cosmetics must haves?

It’s hard to pick all-time must haves, but I do have three very current products, which have been my favourites these past months.

Laponie’s Face Cream, which I can always go back to, summer and winter. I’m pretty particular when it comes to my face cream, because it has to go well under makeup and work for the night-time, too. Laponie’s Face Cream feels like “nothing” on in a good way, but hydrates my surface-dry skin

Nui Cosmetic’s foundation is still the best vegan foundation I’ve tried. It goes on like velvet, has great staying power and leaves a natural sheer and semi-opaque finish.

Rosewater is my go-to as a toner and refreshing spritz. I like that it almost “always works for everyone and everywhere”, regardless of what your skin is going through. Many brands have high quality organic rosewaters, but lately I’ve used e.g. Flow Cosmetics and Pure=Beauty.

What are the best places to shop for vegan cosmetics?

I shop a lot online, and especially now, during corona, I shop almost exclusively in web shops. My long-standing (Finnish) favourites are House of Organic, Biodelly and TwistBe, but sometimes I’ll find something really good in department and natural goods stores. It’s so cool that you don’t have to painstakingly search for vegan cosmetics anymore, and that the post will ship the best products to smaller places, too.

Visit the Rabbit Glow blog (in Finnish) here to get Eeva's pro tips!

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