There is no such thing as a chemical free skincare product

There is no such thing as a chemical free skincare product

If you can touch a skincare product, it's all chemicals. Our chemist Jaana explains why there is no such thing as chemical-free and why chemicals aren't dangerous.

We get some questions and comments about chemical free, and the answer is fairly simple: there really is no such thing. A chemical is any substance consisting of matter, meaning if you can touch it, it’s a chemical. So unless a cream is made of e.g. electric current, it is packed full of chemicals. But – chemicals are not harmful per definition, and the dose is always key. Even H2O, plain old water, is lethal if you drink too much of it.

Although we do understand that many questions about chemicals are more about toxins, we feel “chemicals” as a general term receive a bit too much uninformed wrap and are the subject of unnecessary scaremongering. This is not to say we don’t appreciate the idea of reducing the amount of chemicals in skincare or say kitchen detergents, we just want to be clear on the fact chemicals as such are not dangerous. Also, skincare products sold in the EU go through a rigorous compliance and safety process, and this includes ingredients as well.

If you feel unsure about a particular raw material, please check out CosIng, the European Commission database for information on cosmetic substances and ingredients. CosIng will tell you what a certain ingredient is and what it is meant for and also if there are any restrictions concerning its use. Prepare to nerd out <3

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