How to recycle our packaging

How to recycle our packaging

Our packaging philosophy is fairly simple - we prioritise practical design and recyclable materials. That's why we opt for aluminium and glass, with a minimum of plastic, for materials.

We pack our sprayable Face Toner, Face Oil, All-Around Balm, Calming Treatment, Brightening Treatment and Clarifying Treatment in German light protective violet glass with rubber and/or plastic caps and droppers. The Milk Cleanser, Gel Cleanser, Face Cream and Hydrating Face Mask tubes are made of aluminium in Sweden with small plastic caps. Our outer packs are made in Turku, Finland of cardboard and used only when needed for transport. Please help us recycle once you have finished your product:

Aluminium tubes recycle as metal and caps as plastic. Simple as ever.

Peel off the sticker from the bottle and recycle as plastic and glass. All parts in the pump and pipette can be taken apart and recycled accordingly as plastic, metal and glass.

Peel off the sticker from the jar and recycle as plastic and glass.
The lid is made of urea and recycles as plastic.

All our outerpacks are made of cardboard and can be recycled as well! Our transport packaging always aims to be as small as possible, and we have given our logistics partner free hands to ship in already used carton boxes whenever possible.

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