Q&A with our chemist Jaana

Q&A with our chemist Jaana

Last week we did an Instagram Q&A session with our head of R&D, chemist Jaana Ailus. Thank you all who sent us questions! We have gathered some of the questions and answers from you. Enjoy!

Q: Where do you purchase your ingredients from? Do you prefer Finnish made ingredients?
A: We like to source ingredients as near to Finland as possible. Most technical ingredients (thickeners, perservatives and emulsifiers) are not made at all in Finland. We will happily pay a little extra for Finnish ingredients, like oat oil!

Q: What are the most important ingredients in a cleanser?
A: Something to clean or dissolve dirt and makeup, but it depends on the cleansing system used. It can be a surfactant like in our Cleansing Gel, or an oil+ emulsifier combo line in our Cleansing Milk.

Q: How long does it take to come up with a recipe for a product?
A: That depends. A simple product based on a frame formulation can be done in a day or two. When formulating for sensitive skina and special requirements, it can take years.

Q: How long does the legal hassle take before one can launch and start selling a product?
A: The minimum time to launch a new product is 3 months. Thats in my opinion the mare minimun for ensuring product stability - which is required by EU laws.

Q: What is your dream ingredient?
A: Madecassoside! This ingredient is derived from Centella Asiatica and it's skincare properties are in its own spheres.

Do you have a question for Jaana? Please send us an email at customercare@laponieskincare.com or drop us a line through social media. We will be happy to answer!

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