Sometimes we make too much stuff, sometimes we get B-listers and sometimes we're making room for new packaging and new batches. Rather than throw stuff away, we want to let you shop these products at a great price. Give them a shot, save some pennies and help us reduce waste!

Inside tip: Just pick the serum of your choice and combine it with our soothing and protecting All-Around Balm and voilá - you'll get a simple skincare set. Dry, irritated skin? Choose the Balm and our soothing, hydrating and repairing Calming Treatment serum. Dry and blemish-prone or combo skin? Choose the Balm and our purifying and hydrating Clarifying Treatment serum.

Please note, that Outlet products are not eligible for other discounts or campaigns.

Please note, that the Treatments have a shorter BBD (Calming Treatment 02/23, Clarifying Treatment 05/23).

  • Soothing & protecting skin balm
    Regular price €8.47 EUR
    Sale price €8.47 EUR
    All-Around Balm - Laponie of Scandinavia
    Not available online
  • Irritation & redness
    Regular price €9.44 EUR
    Sale price €9.44 EUR
    CAMPAIGN Calming Treatment
  • Impurities & oiliness
    Regular price €9.44 EUR
    Sale price €9.44 EUR
    Clarifying Treatment Serum -70%