In September, you'll get a free full-sized Calming Treatment Serum!

Our Calming Treatment is a light and clear gel-serum that soothes and repairs sensitive and problem skin. It calms angry skin, repairs the skin barrier and rejuvenates skin. Great for alleviating symptoms of rosacea and perioral dermatitis (POD), and is a gentle alternative for tackling hormonal bumps. And if you went ahead and picked at pimples or had some extraction action - this is the one to reach for.

Can be layered or mixed with our Face Cream, Face Oil and All-around Balm. 

HOW TO SHOP: Add a Calming Treatment Serum and normal priced product to your cart, and we'll deduct the price at checkout. 

Offer is valid until September 30th and cannot be combined with other offers, discount codes or outlet products.

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