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Milk Cleanser

Gentle cleansing milk

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In need of a good, but gentle oil-based cleanse for sensitive and problem skin?

Our award-winning mild Milk Cleanser is made with nourishing canola oil, hydrating plant-based glycerin and conditioning and anti-bacterial xylitol sugar. It gently but effectively removes oil, dirt and makeup, for skin that feels fresh and comfortable.  

And as a gentle reminder, which bears repeating: ALWAYS, and we really mean ALWAYS, apply the Milk directly onto dry skin, without water. That's how it's formulated. Applying to moist skin will dilute the cleansing power of the Milk. Same goes for our Gel Cleanser. Read more in our How to use section below!

Formulated for sensitive & problem skin. No added fragrance. Vegan & natural ingredients. Developed in our own Helsinki lab & made in Finland.

How to use & tips

  1. Apply generously to a cotton pad and wipe dry face (without using water) with pad, or massage directly onto dry skin with clean fingers.
  2. Rinse face with water. For a deeper cleanse, use a damp washcloth.
  • Tip 1: Dry, sensitive skin? No water needed - the Milk Cleanser can be wiped off with face tissue. Finish by wiping face with a toner-soaked cotton pad.
  • Tip 2: Use our re-usable and washable face pads to minimise waste!

Ingredients (INCI)

Aqua, canola oil, glycerin, polyglyceryl-3 dicitrate/stearate, sodium levulinate, cetyl alcohol, sodium anisate, xylitol, xanthan gum, citric acid. More info


Tube made of aluminum, cap made of PP plastic and outerpack made of cardboard. 

Best before


Why it works for sensitive & problem skin

  • We've used a minimum of ingredients - only 10 ingredients go into the Milk Cleanser.
  • It's formulated without added fragrance or alcohol, with a skin-friendly preservative system and with a gentle, non-ionic emulsifier which also functions as a very mild surfactant. 
  • It contains canola oil, which is an excellent all-round oil for most skin types, glycerin, which  is a widely used and well tolerated moisturiser which also helps cleanse skin, and xylitol, which fights bacterial film on skin.
  • The Milk's pH is around 5.5 (healthy skin's own pH is slightly acidic, between 4.8 and 5.5). 
  • The Milk has been rigorously tested by our founder Kristina and chemist Jaana, both of whom have a long history of sensitive and problem skin. 

Ingredients close-up

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Solvent. Water. The main vehicle for our Milk Cleanser.


Emollient and skin conditioning. Sustainably produced, deodorized and purified Swedish canola oil (from rapeseed oil) gently dissolves makeup and dirt. Canola oil is commonly used in cosmetics and is well-tolerated, skin wise. It is slightly higher in oleic acid (at around 60%), with linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids at a total of just over 30%, making it a good all-around oil for most, and especially for drier and eczema prone skins.


Humectant and skin protecting. Technically a sugar alcohol, glycerin is one of the oldest, most common and most versatile humectants used in cosmetics. It moisturises and protects the skin, accelerates skin barrier recovery and has antimicrobial properties, among other things. We use the vegetable, organic kind, made from rapeseed, corn and soy.


Emulsifying and surfactant. An emulsifier, put simply, enables the mixing of water and oil into an emulsion. This particular one is gentle on the skin, non-ionic, based on glycerin, stearic acid and citric acid, and is made from rapeseed and RSPO certified palm oils.


Skin conditioning and preservative. Sodium levulinate is the sodium salt of levulinic acid, an organic acid that in this case is derived from sugarcane. Together with sodium anisate and plant derived glycerin, it makes up the preservation system we use for our Milk Cleanser. At the appropriate pH, the salts transform into acid, and voilà – product preserved.


Thickening and emulsion stabilising. A fatty alcohol made from RSPO certified palm oil. Please note that like sugar alcohols, e.g. glycerin or xylitol, fatty alcohols are not the same as denatured alcohol (ethanol); both sugar alcohols and fatty alcohols have moisturising and conditioning properties, whereas denatured alcohol has a completely different function in skincare products (and can be drying on skin).


Antimicrobial, flavouring agent and preservative. The salt form of star anis derived organic acid. The other half of our preservation system.


Humectant and skin conditioning. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and moisturises and conditions skin, whilst possessing anti-bacterial properties. There is some interesting research that suggests xylitol has the ability to inhibit bacterial biofilm on skin, which in turn may be the cause of many skin issues. The one we use is made in Finland from European hardwood.


Gel forming, thickening and emulsion stabilising. A natural and commonly used thickener in cosmetics, xanthan gum is a polysaccharide produced from sugars through fermentation. Fun fact: it derives its name from the species of bacteria used in the fermentation process, Xanthomonas campestris.


Buffering agent. Citric acid is a commonly used buffering, i.e. pH adjusting, agent in cosmetics. It is made through bacterial fermentation and shifts the pH of the product into the acidic range. This is closer to the natural pH of the skin, which may range from 4 to 7, but is usually thought to be between 5 and 6, with recent studies, however, indicating it to be below 5.

How to choose the right face cleanser

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Milk cleanser

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