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Nourishing Trial Set with Milk Cleanser & Face Cream

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Pia Leppänen
Melko tyytyväinen

Puhdistusmaitoa oli mukava käyttää, mutta sen jälkeen kasvoveteen kostutettuun vanulappuun jäi turhan paljon meikkijäämiä. Kasvovoide oli erittäin rasvaiselle, mutta pintakuivalle, iholleni päiväkäyttöön aivan liian rasvainen ja yöksi taas turhan kevyt. Koostumus oli makuuni liian juoksevaa. Pidin kuitenkin molempien tuotteiden luonnollisesta tuoksusta.

Susanna Suomela
Test set

Very nice to have the opportunity to try the products.

Great cleansing milk

Cleansing milk seemed perfect for me, nice and comfortable and cleaned well enough also make up.

Face cream also was comfortable and left skin soft, but maybe not suitable for me: many creams make my eyes watery and this happened slightly with this cream too, though it has no parfum.

Puhdistusmaito ja face cream

Kokeilin puhdistusmaitoa ja kosteusvoidetta. Kosteusvoide oli todella riittoisaa. Ihosta tuli pehmeä, ei jäänyt rasvaiseksi. Aivan täydellinen kosteusvoide meikin alle.

Hard to say

Well, I do not know what to write. I was sure I will get great results but actually my face started to be itchy after using the cleansing milk and face cream. My cheek skin started to be rugged after few uses. I was thinking what do I do wrong? I have sensitive skin to winter conditions and dry air in the flat, so I thought these products can help keep my face in good condition. But after every use I feel itching for a while. It also itches after putting make up on top.

I also purchased hand cream and it was good purchase, it helps. The structure is also nice and the cream dries fast.

I am still considering buying oil cream to see if I can get better results.

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